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Generating added value on your parking (for ≥10 spaces)

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Let us know your queries and receive a tailored simulation of the potential revenue that can be generated from your empty parking spots (for ≥ 10 spots).
Partnership definition
We attach great importance to the flexibility of our contracts. Our aim is to create a win-win relationship with our partners... at all costs!
Parking installation
Our access technology integrates with existing barriers without affecting other systems. We install it for free along with all the necessary signage. 
Make an income
From marketing to billing... We take care of it all. When an income is generated on your parking, you will receive transparent exploitation reports.


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Your parking has potential!


Whether you are a building owner facing temporary vacancy, a retailer who does not need his parking at night or a Hotel with parking overcapacity, your parking has untapped potential! And we are here to make sure that you get the best value out of it.

Founded in 2011, BePark's mission is to operate and commercialise underutilised parking spaces located in private buildings.

We are proud to have gained the trust of many parking owners across all sectors including Developers, Real Estate professionals, social housing, hotel groups, public parking operators and retail players.






What's in it for you?

1. Maximise

Maximise your parking potential: Make sure your parking usage is optimised for a maximum ROI.

2. Enhance

Improve the mobility in and around your building: be an active part of your community and allow residents and commuters to find a parking solution off the streets.

3. Collaborate

Collaborate seamlessly: You always have access to the occupancy data of your car park as well as the invoiced amounts.


Optimise my parking





Increase your parking income

Get the most out of your parking space

Thousands of drivers are desperately looking for a parking spot in the street causing heavy traffic while your property remains empty... We can change that.

In addition to getting extra revenue on your parking, you are helping the society to create a better mobility as well as contributing to a better environment that is free of traffic congestion and for that, the society will thank you!


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Enjoy operational peace of mind

We install, at our own expense, our secure access system on your barrier without affecting any other existing access systems.

Our technology allows us to operate on you car park in optimal conditions accordingly while being commercially efficient.


What is the pricing?

bepark parking service

Why choose us?

We are your "one stop shop" when it comes to parking optimisation. We are the key solution to maximize the use of your parking space without you having to manage it making your life easier than before!

Who likes having untapped assets? No one absolutely! Your parking can be a revenue stream and a life-time investment for that matter!

Trusted across all sectors.

At BePark you are assured that your dedicated contact will have a precise understanding of the real estate matters related to the car parks from optimisation, management, taxation to permits or sizing. With BePark, you can be rest assured that things will go on smoothly. 

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