Terms and Conditions


The Belgian company BePark registered in the Register of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number 0839.421.964 and whose registered office is located at 1050 BRUSSELS, Rue du mail, 50 (Belgium) (hereinafter referred to as "BePark"). ) offers to the User (hereinafter more fully defined) a service of provision of parking spaces (hereinafter "the Services") via its website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"). web "), customer service or any other means to provide at least one parking space provided by BePark.

Use of these Services is governed by these terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions").

The User declares to be informed of the need to have, at his own expense, an Internet access subscription and to have ensured that the configuration of his computer and mobile equipment is adapted and compatible with the use of the Services. made available by BePark.

The User acknowledges having read these Terms and Conditions and having understood and accepted them unreservedly.

For any question regarding these Terms and Conditions or the Services offered by BePark, the User can contact BePark's customer service directly by email ( or by phone (BE: +32 (0) 2 / 880.05 .50, FR: +33 (0)


1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall apply:

1.1. "User": any user using the services of BePark, in particular using at least one of our services - Spaces, Value, Platform;

1.2. "Services": all the services offered or provided by BePark as part of its social activity, in particular Spaces, Value, Platform;

1.3. "Applications": the "BePark" mobile application and the "BePark for business" mobile application;

1.4. "Websites": the website,,, and


2. Object

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the terms and conditions under which BePark makes the Services available to the User.


3. Applications

3.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Services made available to the User by BePark. These conditions apply to each visit or use of the Websites or the Applications and each use of parking.

3.2. These Terms and Conditions prevail over any terms and conditions, special conditions or any other document that the User could have transmitted to BePark.

3.3. These Terms and Conditions exclusively govern the relationship between BePark and any User.

3.4. The User declares to have read these Terms and agrees to comply with them. The Conditions are available and can be consulted at any time at the following address:

3.5. BePark reserves the right to modify and update these Terms and Conditions at any time, at its sole discretion and without notice. The modified General Terms and Conditions are binding on the User at each new use of the Service.

3.6. The invalidity, lapse or unenforceability of any provision of the Terms with the legal or regulatory provisions, will not affect the validity of the other provisions of the General Conditions which will retain their full legal force.

The provision that is wholly or partially invalidity, lapse or unenforceability will be deemed unwritten and will be superseded or deemed to have been superseded by a similar provision that complies with the law and will, to the extent practicable, perform the same function.


4. Entry into force / Duration

4.1. These Terms of Use come into effect on the date of their online publication and will be binding on the date of the first use of the services by the User.

4.2. These Terms and Conditions are enforceable for the duration of use of the Applications and the Services until new Terms and Conditions supersede these terms.

4.3. The User may at any time waive the use of the Applications and the Services offered therein but remains subject to the Terms and Conditions until the end of his contract.


5. Legal capacity of the User

5.1. The User expressly declares to have the power, the authority and the capacity necessary for the conclusion and the execution of the obligations incumbent on him for the use of the Websites and the Services.

5.2. Only Users who are at least 18 years old can use the Services or Applications.

5.3. If the User resides in a jurisdiction which restricts the use of the Services or Applications for reasons of age, or which restricts the possibility of entering into contracts for reasons of age, the latter must respect these limits of age, and can not use the Services and the Applications.

5.4. The User individual states that he is of legal age to enter into a binding contract. The User who creates an account for a legal entity declares to be authorized to act in this way and to engage this person with regard to the present conditions of use and to register it in order to use the Services and the Applications.

5.5. Any person incapacitated within the meaning of article 1123 and following of the Civil Code, can not in any way become a User.

6. Accessibility of the Applications and Services

The Applications, the Websites and the Services are normally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BePark can not, however, be held responsible for interruptions in the availability of the Applications, the Websites and the Services when these interruptions do not depend on its will.

BePark reserves the right, without notice or indemnity, to temporarily close the Applications, the Websites or access to one or more Services to update, modify or change the operational methods, servers and the hours of accessibility, without this list being exhaustive.

BePark reserves the right, without notice or indemnity, to permanently close the Applications, the Websites or one or more Services, or to prevent access to the Websites or to one or more Services to certain Users in Applications of the these Terms and Conditions.

BePark reserves the right to make any changes and improvements to the Applications, Websites and Services that it deems necessary or useful for the proper functioning of its Websites and the Services associated therewith.


7. Registration - Personal Account - Conditions

7.1. The User who wishes to use the Services and / or the Applications must contact us via the Websites. We will help the User create an account for this purpose.

7.2. To do this, the User must comply with the conditions set out in Article 5 of these Conditions.

7.3. The User undertakes to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information for the creation of the account. The User will also be asked to choose a strictly confidential Username and password.

7.4. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his Username and / or password. The User will not have the right to distribute this access information, nor to allow others to use it to access the Websites. Therefore, the User agrees to take reasonable measures to prevent others from obtaining such access information and to report any unauthorized access directly to BePark Customer Service by email or telephone to the address or number indicated in the preamble hereof.

7.5. BePark reserves the right to check the information communicated at any time and to refuse the service or the use of the Applications without having to justify its decision.

8. Using the Applications or service

8.1. The User may access the Services only by means of access provided for this purpose by BePark. It is up to the User to check that he is downloading the Applications compatible with his phone. BePark declines all responsibility if the mobile phone of the User is not compatible or if the User downloads a version of the incompatible Applications. BePark reserves the right to terminate the Services and the use of the Applications if the User uses the Services or Applications with an incompatible or prohibited GSM.

8.2. By using the Applications or Services, the User accepts otherwise

1. to use the Services or to download the Applications only for its own personal use and not to resell it to a third party;

2. not to allow third parties to use his account;

3. not to assign or otherwise transfer his account to any other natural or legal person;

4. not to use the Services or Applications for illegal purposes, including sending or storing illegal content or for fraudulent purposes;

5. not to use the Services or Applications to harm, embarrass or disturb others;

6. not to compromise the proper functioning of the network;

7. not to disrupt the Services or the Applications in any way;

8. not to copy or distribute the Applications or any other BePark content without the written consent of BePark;

9. send us proof of identity upon request;

10. Use an access point or 3G (AP) data account only if authorized;

11. not to use the service or Applications with an incompatible or prohibited GSM;

12. to comply with all applicable laws or regulations of the country of origin, country, state and / or city where the User is located when using the Applications or service.

8.3. Fraudulent use of the Websites or that violates the terms and conditions may result in BePark's refusal, at any time, of access to the Services offered by the Websites, even if BePark has confirmed access to the Services, without prejudice to any prosecution. offered to BePark before the competent jurisdictions under these terms and conditions. On the other hand, BePark reserves the right to immediately terminate the service and use of the Applications if the User does not comply with one of the rules set out above.

8.4. The User undertakes to respect, and to enforce, the general conditions as well as the internal rules and regulations (below), the safety rules and the signage, of the car parks at his disposal.


9. Access to parking spaces

9.1. Accessibility to the car park depends on the car park and the means of access chosen by the User:

A. Either using the Applications.

B. Or by calling the BePark telephone exchange via the telephone number indicated on the BePark sign posted in front of the barrier / shutter that secures the car park.

C. Either by obtaining a badge, an access card, keys or other means of access provided by BePark (this means of access is subject to a deposit)

In the case of the use of the possibility A. or B. above, the User must follow the exit procedure communicated by BePark even if the shutter / barrier of the car park is open, in order to signal to BePark the end of the use of the parking. Otherwise, the use of the parking will continue to be charged to the User.

9.2. In the event that the User is parked in a parking lot without a valid purchase, his car may be removed as described below in the section "Withholding, immobilizing, moving and removing vehicles".

9.3. The car parks are only accessible to passenger cars with a maximum length of 4.80m. The height of the vehicles may not exceed that indicated at the entrance of the car park or imposed by the actual situation. It is forbidden to enter the car park with trailers of any kind whatsoever, including caravans.

9.4. If conditions specific to the car parks used apply, in addition to these general conditions, they will be indicated in the proof of purchase provided at the end of the booking process.

9.5. BePark has the right to refuse the access of a User who does not respect these general conditions, the possible conditions specific to the car parks or the rules of internal order of the car park placed at his disposal.


10. Use of the car park

10.1. The User can access, park and leave the car park only during the hours corresponding to his purchase. These are available through his online customer account. The applicable opening hours may be modified by BePark who will notify Users via the Websites, the Applications or by email.

10.2. The User may only park his vehicle on the spaces reserved for BePark Users. These locations will be communicated by BePark when booking. Unless otherwise stipulated by BePark, the User will not benefit from a nominative place. Under no circumstances will the User be able to park at an inconvenient or unauthorized place.

10.3. In case of non-compliance with these terms and conditions, BePark may remove the vehicle at the expense and risk of the User in accordance with the content below in the section "Withholding, immobilization, removal and removal of vehicles". BePark will debit automatically and without notice to the User's account the evacuation costs of the vehicle without prejudice to the exclusion of BePark services as described in the section "Withholding, immobilization, removal and removal of vehicles".

10.4. The User and all persons accompanying them are obliged to respect the peacefulness of the neighborhood when they move around the car park and around it. Any use of radios and other noise sources on the parking lot is prohibited.

10.5. The User agrees to leave the car park in an impeccable state of cleanliness. It is strictly forbidden to wash cars in the car park, to carry out any work there or to deposit or store anything other than a validly registered and insured vehicle.

10.6. Vehicles parked in the car park must fulfill the same conditions as those imposed on vehicles parked on public roads. The User declares in particular that the vehicle (s) he / she parks using the BePark Services is or is the subject of a valid liability insurance and in payment order. The Highway Code and any other regulations relating to traffic on public roads are applicable in the car park, unless otherwise specified. In all cases, the maximum authorized speed of vehicles is limited to 10 Km / hour.

10.7. Vehicles must be locked, windows raised, alarm activated and remain the sole responsibility of the User. Any object, whatever it is, left in the vehicle, is under the sole responsibility of the User.

10.8. The provision of parking can not be subject to any assignment or sublet.


11. Detention, immobilization, removal and removal of vehicles

11.1. In case of accident or unintentional immobilization of a vehicle, the User will immediately take the necessary measures to troubleshoot the vehicle so that it does not interfere in any way with normal traffic in the establishment. In any case, the User will ensure the withdrawal of the vehicle before the end of the time slot during which it is authorized to access the car park. In any case, the User will contact BePark customer support.

11.2. The User expressly authorizes BePark and / or the owner of the car park to move his vehicle or have it moved, at the expense and risk of the User, in case:

❏ it is not parked at the intended locations;

❏ It is left in the car park outside accessibility hours without the prior written consent of BePark;

❏ it constitutes a danger to the persons and / or property of others.

❏ it hinders normal circulation;

❏ Operational requirements or safety require it.

In these cases, the expenses of moving his vehicle are fixed at a flat rate of 250€ including VAT.

11.3. The User agrees to remove his vehicle from the site of the repair company by which it has been moved within 24 hours after the repair. The User agrees that the service provider will be authorized to charge a parking fee to the User after a delay of 24 hours.


12. Prices

12.1. The price will be defined in the contract provided by BePark, based on the Service or Services you choose.

12.2. BePark reserves the right to change its rates at any time. However, the pricing changes can not have retroactive effect. In the event of a change in rates by BePark, the new pricing may take effect as soon as the next invoice is issued.

12.3. In the case of non-compliance with the parking opening hours, BePark reserves the right to apply a per minute pricing for each minute exceeded.


13. Fees

The cost of the mobile phone is borne by the User and charged directly by his operator. The price will apply to all communications from mobile devices to fixed devices.


14. Payment

14.1. There are two payment methods to use BePark Pay Services:

- Payment by credit card

- Payment by bank domiciliation. A non-refundable activation fee of 0.01 € will be debited to validate the correct aspect of the communicated banking information.

14.2. The provision of parking spaces by BePark is subject to payment according to point « 12. Pricing » of these terms and conditions. The User chooses when registering on the BePark website or when concluding a contract with BePark his method of payment.

14.3. The User acknowledges that BePark may debit the credit card account or the bank account in the case of payment by direct debit which he / she has communicated when registering for the Services, for the Services he has requested (including taxes and any late payment penalties) without further authorization.

14.4. The User is responsible for paying the invoice no later than the deadline indicated on it for all amounts due. He must indicate to BePark a credit card or bank account valid for the payment of all sums due at any time. Payments made are not refundable.

14.5. BePark uses a third-party payment system ("the payment system") to associate the User's credit card account with the Applications and the Services. The processing of any payments or credits resulting from the use of the Applications and the service by the User will be governed by the conditions and the privacy policy of the payment system and by the conditions of the issuer of the credit card. credit, in addition to these conditions of use and in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

14.6. BePark is not responsible for any errors due to the payment system. In connection with the use of the Services by the User, the User acknowledges and agrees that BePark will obtain certain details of the transactions, which it will use in accordance with these terms and conditions and the applicable legal framework.

14.7. BePark guarantees secure payments and complies with SSL standards to protect data effectively.

14.8. In case of refusal of authorization of payment by credit card from officially accredited bodies or in case of non-payment, BePark reserves the right to act to recover the debts due via payment reminders, temporary blocking access of the User or the transmission of the file to an external collection agency.

14.9. In the event of non-payment within the deadlines, it will be due ipso jure and without formal notice an interest at the legal interest rate applicable in case of late payment in the commercial transactions in force at the time of the non-payment as well as a lump sum compensation of 40 euros for recovery costs, regardless of the principal amount.

14.10. The User declares to be aware that all invoices issued are due in full and that a termination of contract can not in any case have a retroactive effect on the invoices issued.

15. Compensation

By accepting these terms and conditions and using the Applications or Services, the User agrees to defend, indemnify and guarantee BePark, its subsidiaries, its licensors and each of its officers, directors, other Users, employees, agents and others against claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including litigation costs, fees and attorney fees) arising out of or in connection with:

1. any violation of the provisions of these terms and conditions or any applicable law or regulation, whether referred to herein or not, of which the User would be guilty;

2. any violation of the rights of third parties;

3. any fraudulent use of the Applications or Services, of which the User would be guilty.


16. Liability

16.1. The information, recommendations and / or services provided to the User directly or indirectly by the Websites, the Services and the Applications, constitute only general information and not opinions. BePark will endeavor to keep the Websites, the Applications and their contents in a correct and up-to-date state, but does not guarantee that the website and / or the Applications (and their contents) are free of errors, defects, malware or viruses, or that the Websites and / or the Applications is correct, up-to-date and accurate. BePark will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of (or inability to use) the Websites or the Applications, including damage caused by malware, viruses or any inaccuracy or omission of information from the Websites or the Applications, except if the damage is the result of a deliberate act or serious negligence of BePark.

16.2. BePark will not be liable for damages arising from the use (or inability to use) of electronic means of communication with the Websites or the Applications, including damages resulting from failure or delay in transmission of electronic communications, interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and the transmission of viruses.

16.3. BePark and the owner (s) of the car parks put at the disposal of the Users disclaim all responsibility, in any capacity and for any reason whatsoever, for any damage whatsoever, whether tangible or intangible, to persons or property such as, in particular: accidents, theft or damage, even partial, which may occur occasionally or because of the use of the car park. The User undertakes to immediately declare any damage to the customer service via:

16.4. When the User is a consumer, the preceding article can not constitute a violation of the provisions contained in Book VI of the Code of Economic Law relating to market practices and consumer protection.

16.5. In addition, BePark is not a custodian and therefore does not assume any obligation of custody or control and is not liable for any actions by third parties.

16.6. BePark only incurs obligations of means, for all the Services offered, proposed or provided. BePark can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including a break in service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or any fact that may be qualified as force majeure. In any event, BePark's responsibilities under these terms and conditions shall not exceed an amount equal to the sums paid or payable in the transaction giving rise to the said liability, regardless of the cause or form of the action concerned. .

16.7. The User is solely responsible for any damage to his computer or any loss of data resulting from the download, consultation and use of the Website and / or the Applications.

16.8. The User acknowledges that he has the faculty, without any obligation and under his sole responsibility, to use social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. BePark can not under any circumstances be held responsible for the use or processing of this information, data and content within the framework of social networks.

16.9. The User must ensure, before using this option, to be aware of the conditions of use of these social networks, to implement the necessary protection measures and parameters for proper use, to respect the conditions of use of these social networks.

16.10. The User agrees to use the Website, the Applications and the Services only for private purposes and for a purpose consistent with public order, morality and the rights of third parties.

16.11. The User undertakes not to do any act likely - directly or indirectly - to undermine the integrity of the Website, the Applications and / or the Services provided by BePark.


17. Licensing by the User

17.1. The User expressly recognizes, exclusively and free of charge, BePark, the right to exploit any content published by the User via the Applications and / or the Websites on the internet, on social networks or by any means and on any media known or unknown to date, for commercial or advertising purposes, all without any territorial restriction and as long as BePark will operate the Applications and / or the Website subject to these terms and conditions.

17.2. BePark has no obligation to use and / or exploit the content or contents published by the User via the Applications and / or the Websites.

17.3. The User acknowledges that BePark acts as a mere intermediary for the distribution of User content and is not responsible to anyone for the content or accuracy of User content. BePark will not constantly control the contents of published Users and will not play a role of moderator between Users. In addition, BePark will not be required to do so. Without limiting the foregoing, the User acknowledges and agrees that the remarks, opinions, comments, suggestions and other information expressed or included in User content do not necessarily reflect the views of BePark.

17.4. The User declares and guarantees that the contents of Users that he posts or transmits come from him, are not plagiarisms of third-party creations, do not constitute a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties, the right to life private law or personality rights, and that they contain no defamatory or derogatory

17.5. The User agrees and undertakes to permanently guarantee BePark, its subsidiaries and its licensors against all costs, expenses, damages, losses and liabilities incurred or suffered by BePark or its affiliated companies because of its content. User posted or transmitted by him, or arising from his use of the Website, the Services or the Applications.

17.6. BePark reserves the right to block or delete, in whole or in part, any posted or transmitted User Content, if BePark believes that it does not comply with these Terms of Use or that it is unacceptable to any other reason.

17.7. The User agrees to notify BePark in writing as soon as possible if any User Content violates these Terms of Use. The User agrees to provide BePark with sufficient information to enable it to verify that this User content violates these Terms of Use. However, BePark does not guarantee or declare that it will block or delete (in whole or in part) the User content in question.


18. Granting of license for the Applications

18.1. If the User complies with these Terms of Use, BePark grants him a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and install a copy of the Applications on a mobile phone owned or controlled by him, and use this copy of the Applications for personal use only.

18.2. The User will not be able to:

1. grant any license or sublicence, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit or otherwise make available to any third party the service or the Applications;

2. modify the service or Applications or create derivatives;

3. create electronic links to the Services or place frames or mirrors of any Applications on any other server or device that is wireless or Internet-based;

4. reverse engineer or access the Applications to

a. design or build a competing product or service;

b. design or construct a product using similar ideas, features, functions or images of the service or Applications;

c. copy ideas, features, functions or images from the service or Applications;

5. Launch an automated program or script, including robots, crawlers, web robots, web browsers, web indexers, zombies, viruses or worms, or any program that can address multiple requests per second to a server or inadvertently complicating or hindering the operation and / or performance of the service or Applications.

18.3. The User will not be able to:

1. send or save unsolicited or repetitive messages in violation of applicable law;

2. send or save infringing, obscene, threatening, defamatory or otherwise unlawful or tortious content, including harmful content sent to children or violating the privacy rights of others;

3. send or save content containing viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful computer codes, files, scripts, agents or programs;

4. impede or disrupt the integrity or proper functioning of the website, Applications or service or the data contained therein;

5. attempt to fraudulently access the website, Applications or service or the systems or networks that support them.

18.4. BePark will have the right to review the above violations, to the fullest extent permitted by law, and to take legal action. BePark may appeal to law enforcement and cooperate with them to prosecute Users who violate these Terms of Use.

18.5. The User acknowledges that BePark is not obliged to control its access to the website, the services, the Applications or the collective content or the use made of it, or to check or edit the collective content. The User acknowledges however that BePark has the right to control its access in the context of the operation of the website, the Applications and the service, to ensure compliance with these Terms of Use or to comply with legislation applicable or an injunction or request from a court, administrative body or other official body. BePark reserves the right to cancel or disable, at any time and without prior notice, access to any collective content if it believes that it violates these terms of use or otherwise violates the website, service or Applications.

19. Intellectual property rights

19.1. The Applications and the Website contain texts, images (still or moving) and sounds, which are the exclusive property of BePark. These elements are protected by copyright as well as by intellectual property and for the whole world (hereinafter "Elements of Intellectual Property").

19.2. BePark's name, logo and product names associated with the Applications and service are trademarks of BePark, its affiliates or third parties. BePark does not grant any right or license to use these marks.

19.3. The Intellectual Property Elements are made available to the User, free of charge, for the sole use of the services and within the framework of a normal use of its functionalities. This authorization to use the Intellectual Property Elements is made on a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable basis. BePark may revoke at any time this authorization to use the Intellectual Property Elements.

19.4. Any copy or infringement of the concept or format of the Website and / or the Applications by any means and on any medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

19.5. Any exploitation in any form whatsoever must be the subject of a prior written authorization from BePark.

19.6. In case of non-compliant or abusive use of Intellectual Property, BePark reserves the right to stop the infringement of its intellectual property rights by any means of law.

19.7. Any offense may result in civil and / or criminal prosecution.


20. Interactions with third parties

20.1. When using the Websites, the Applications and the Services, links to websites owned and controlled by third parties may be provided in order to put the User in contact with these third parties, to buy their goods or their services, to participate in their promotions. These links take the User out of the Websites, Applications and Services and are not controlled by BePark. BePark is not responsible and can not be held responsible for the content and activities of these websites. Therefore, the User accesses, visits and uses these websites at his own risk.

20.2. These other websites may send their own cookies to Users, collect data or request personal information. BePark advises its Users to check the terms of use and the privacy policy of these websites before using them.


21. Duration and termination of the contract

21.1. Upon registration of the User with BePark and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, a contract of indefinite duration is formed between BePark and the User by which the latter can use BePark services.

21.4. BePark may cease to provide the Services at any time, with immediate effect (disabling the use of the Applications and the Services) and without refund

1. if the User violates these terms and conditions;

2. if BePark believes that the User is abusing the Applications or the Services. BePark is not required to notify the User in advance of the termination of the Services it uses.

21.5. BePark reserves the right to terminate all or part of the right to access the personal accounts of Registered Users or even to delete their account, due to the lack of use and activation of the account during a period of one year and / or where the Registered User has violated these Terms and Conditions.

21.6. BePark may make any restriction and / or deletion without prior notice and can not be held responsible for the loss of data resulting from the deletion of the registered User's personal account.

21.7. BePark may discontinue providing the Services at any time, with immediate effect (disabling the use of the Applications and the Services) at its discretion and even if the current period has already been billed. Insofar as the User is not responsible for the interruption of the services, overpaid amounts can be refunded and credited.


22. Protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data

22.1. The User guarantees to provide correct and complete personal data during the Order through the Websites or when registering for other services offered on the Website.

22.2. BePark undertakes not to disclose personal data to third parties. These are confidential. They will be used by its internal services only for the treatment of reservations, for communication purposes or as part of the customization of the Websites according to the preferences of members.

22.3. In case of transfer or use by third parties of personal data, BePark undertakes to inform the User in advance in order to allow him to exercise his right of opposition. BePark may also provide consolidated statistics about its Users, bookings, trade patterns and information on the Websites to trusted third parties, but such statistics will not contain any personal data. This article can not, however, prevent the transfer or transfer of activities to a third party.

22.4. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the User has the right to access, check, rectify and possibly completely delete his personal data. Any request in this regard can either be managed through the User's customer account, or via the BePark Customer Service by email or in writing at the following address: BePark SA 1050 BRUSSELS, Rue du Mail, 50 (Belgium ) with proof of identity (photocopy of identity card). In accordance with the law, however, BePark reserves the right to retain the User data necessary for its operations and the control thereof by the approved institutions for a period of two (2) years.

22.5. the Websites uses the use of cookies. The cookie is a computer file, stored on the hard disk of the User's microcomputer, intended to signal a previous visit by the User or the User to the Websites. The cookies are, in addition, used by BePark in order to personalize the service offered to the Users. The User retains the ability to refuse cookies by configuring his Internet browser. He loses the ability to customize the service delivered to him by BePark.

22.6. Some web pages of the Websites can sometimes contain electronic images or "web beacons", which make it possible to count the number of visitors of the page. These web beacons can be used by some of BePark's partners, especially to measure and improve the effectiveness of certain actions. The information obtained through these tags simply allows to gather statistics on the use of certain pages of the Websites, in order to better serve the Members.

23. Non-waiver

23.1. The fact for BePark not to claim a default or a breach of the User to any of its contractual or legal obligations can not be interpreted as a waiver to invoke this failure or breach .

23.2. The fact that BePark does not invoke a clause of these Conditions does not imply any waiver of the benefit of this clause.

24. Applicable law and dispute resolution

24.1. Only Belgian law is applicable to contractual relations. In case of disputes, only the French courts of the Judicial District of Brussels will be competent. For any contestation of the competence of the Justice of the Peace in the judicial district of Brussels, the Justice of Peace of the 2nd Canton of Brussels will be competent.


25. BePark Interior parking regulations 

1.- Only BePark Users are allowed to stay in the car park, in accordance with the conditions defined below.

2.- Parking is accessible according to the times indicated on the BePark website, BePark reserves the right to withdraw parking availability on certain dates subject to the obligation to notify the User member.

3.- The vehicle must be parked in an authorized place. Under no circumstances will the User be able to park at an inconvenient or unauthorized place.

4.- The maximum authorized speed of the vehicles is limited to 10 Km / hour and the rules of the highway code are applicable on the car park.

5.- The User is required to respect the peacefulness of the neighborhood and the good state of maintenance of the premises. Any use of radios and other noise sources in the parking lot is prohibited. It is strictly forbidden for Users to wash their car in the car park and do any work.

6.- During the parking of vehicles in the car park, no person or animal will be able to stay there.

7.- The vehicles are under the full responsibility of the User. Any object, whatever it is, left in the vehicle, is under the sole responsibility of the User.

8.- The owner of the car park is limited to providing parking spaces to BePark Users and therefore assumes no liability of any kind whatsoever. In addition, BePark and the owner disclaim any and all liability, in any capacity and for any reason whatsoever, for any damage whatsoever, whether material or immaterial, to persons or property such as: damage, even partial, that may occur occasionally or due to the use of parking, including the arrival or departure of a User or his stay in the parking lot.

9.- BePark and the owner are authorized to evacuate from the car park the vehicles of untitled Users or who do not respect the time slots defined in article 12 or who would park at inconvenient places. BePark will then debit automatically and without notice to the User account of the evacuation costs of the vehicle.

10.- For any technical problem of the barriers or in case of emergency, the User will contact the help desk service of BePark at the number indicated on the BePark signs inside the car park.

11.- Any violation of these rules of procedure or general conditions of BePark by the User will result in the exclusion of right and without notice to the member BePark service. The User will not be able to claim reimbursement of his consumptions or current subscriptions.

26. Final provision

The French text of these terms and conditions constitutes the only authentic text. If discrepancies appear between the text in another language and a translation into a foreign language, the text in French will prevail.