Smart Parking Management

Increase Parking Profitability & Boost Tenant Satisfaction

BePark improves your parking management so you can make the most of your spaces and drive forward-thinking parking solutions for tenants.

Some customers we have helped along the way

Parking is a common challenge for most real estate sectors. We help our clients manage those in ways that are practical for their sector.

Unleash Your Parking Potential

Optimize parking management across all of your locations

BePark’s integrated software solution enhances parking management and embraces tenant needs, allowing you to create parking zones for different types of vehicles, fill unused spaces, boost profits and optimize tenant utilization.

Maximize Parking Value

Reduce vacancy and improve profits

Drive more value from your vacant or partially vacant properties with smart parking management. 

  • Generate income on temporary vacancies

  • Rent out spaces during off-peak hours

  • Maximize space utilization by bicycle parking installation and commercilization.

  • Automate invoicing and payment

BePark does it all for you!


Connect Parking to the Bottom Line

Customer Stories

BePark helps real estate professionals get the most out of their parking with intelligent software and customized service.

Cofinimmo commercialized parking across its entire portfolio

As the largest listed property company in Belgium, Cofinimmo manages an enormous amount of square miles. For years in a row, the company has trusted BePark to help it achieve the following goals on the several parking lots entrusted to BePark's care.

Delhaize improved their community image by renting parking during off-peak hours

With increasing demographic pressure on parking in cities, Delhaize was facing recurring trespassing issues during opening hours. On the other hand, their parking lots were not used at night although they could provide a very good alternative to on-street parking for people in the neighborhood.

Bouygues Immobilier made under-utilized parking profitable

In 2017 Bouygues Immobilier was named winner of a consultation launched by the city of La Madeleine, in the Lille region. This project, which includes 135 housing units, 18,000 sq.m of office space and around 1,000 sq.m of business / services / shops, has raised parking issues.

BePark understands your properties’ unique opportunities for growth.

Our customizable solutions help businesses transform their parking management and increase profitability — but don’t just take our word for it.

BePark efficiently helped us generate revenues on buildings waiting for redevelopment permits. But they also offer great advantages to our parking investors who are looking for an ROI.

Edouard HerinckxManaging Director at Thomas & Piron

See how BePark can transform your parking management

With rapid implementation, streamlined management and flexibility for the future, BePark is the last parking solution you’ll ever need. Connect with us to see how we can help you today.

BePark Parking Solutions
BePark Parking Solutions