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Providing parking spaces to companies (for ≥5 spaces)

Define your needs
One of our experts will help you define and understand your specific need, whether it is for your employees or your tenants, close to your building or public transport or city entrance. BePark can help you!
Rent parking spaces
We will then leverage our extensive network to find a solution that fits your needs. A bit like a house hunter for parking. Once the parking spaces are found we make you a flexible rental offer.
Enjoy the car park
Use the car park and enjoy a happy parking experience and benefit from our cutting edge tools to manage your parking. Your Account Manager will assist you anytime.


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+200 companies chose us to find spaces for their employees 





Parking is a pain for your company...

What if your employees could start their working day without facing the parking struggle? What if they could plan their mobility ahead instead of "hoping for the best" when they get to the office.

Providing the right amount of parking spaces becomes a key factor in helping your employees save time while at the same time averting the parking menace.

Together with our parking management tools (reporting, time sharing, bookings etc), you can be sure that parking problems will be an issue of the past!


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BePark has a grand parking network

... we can help you!

If in your company, whenever your hear the word parking all that comes to mind is "Frustration", "Stress"or "Hidden costs", we can help you.

Whether in the neighbourhood of your office, near a train station or a metro stop, as long as you are in need of more than 5 parking spots, we have a solution that will allow you to reduce the pressure on your existing parking.


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More than just a parking rental

Our car parks are equipped with a secure access system, which will allow your employees or tenants to access the parking via their mobile phone. They also have the possibility to book or release a parking space whenever they want.

On the manager's side, you will be able to easily manage parking access rights and get real-time data on your parking usage. From vehicle management to parking management, everything is simple and clear on our platform.


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More than just a parking rental

Why choose us?

Our hands-on team is here to help you find the best solution! Our approach of smart parking management allows us to remain very flexible and to focus on making you successful.

+3500 employees use our services every day.

See how MARSH and many others solved their long lasting parking issues.

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This is not the service you are looking for?

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