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VALUE - Generate added value on your parking

Have you got way too many empty spaces in your parking?

We operate and commercialise your parking for you in order to increase your returns.


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Pricing - VALUE

There are no upfront costs for you, including technology installation and commercialisation! We take X% for the revenue generated. With BePark, You’re guaranteed of

* A flexible contract designed to fit your needs.

* Revenue generated from your underused parking spots.

* A well-defined report showing the details of each transaction.

Increasing your parking occupancy rate and generating more revenue on your unoccupied parking spaces is our priority!


SPACES - Find parking spaces with ease

Are your employees or your tenants struggling with lack of parking spaces?

With the trust of hundreds of parking owners, we are able to easily and quickly open private car parks for your employees or your tenants whenever and wherever you want.


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Pricing - SPACES

You are charged a certain fixed amount of money per space per month. Just like any parking rental. But this is more than just parking rental. You get our full service offering:

* Operational layer: Our 24/7 control room and on-call technicians are there to help your parking users if needed.

* Technologic layer: Our apps let you to manage parking access rights and monitor usage to make decisions based on real-time data. 

* Expertise layer: Our parking experts are always there to help you improve your mobility policy thanks to efficient parking management.

More than a simple parking lease, discover true parking service!


PLATFORM - Optimise your parking management

Is parking management proving to be a nightmare?

Check out the pricing of our powerful parking management software below and free yourself!


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Pricing - PLATFORM

The price of PLATFORM is calculated based on the number of parking spaces you have (privately or via BePark). Different packages are available depending on your specific needs.

For more information on each package, their features and prices, request a free demo via the button below. 


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