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Go for optimal parking management

improve user satisfaction

Improve user satisfaction

Defining clear parking access rules allows you and your parking users to understand how and when they can benefit from a parking space upon which conditions (priority rules). 

save time and money

Save time and money

Better management of your parking will allow you to optimise its usage and get occupation data. Avoid needless costs and make decisions based on facts. 

empower your people

Empower your people

Define the rules of the game and allow your parking users to manage their parking access by themselves. Extended reporting allows you to monitor the situation efficiently. 


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Simple and efficient 

Building Owners, Parking Managers, Fleet Managers... Our platform lets you create and manage your entire parking policy in a few clicks.

Whether you have to manage your employees or your building tenants, you make sure to satisfy everyone by allowing them to book and use the parking when they need it, based on priority rules that you defined! 


With BePark, you can be guaranteed that your parking occupancy rate will increase by up to 30% and your frustrations are reduced as such!

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reporting tool for your parking

Powerful reporting tools

Your car park is no longer a black box!

Thanks to our powerful access control system, get to see in real time who enters or leaves the parking as well as what is the current occupation, get an overview of the forecasted usage and build reports based on history of use, bad usage etc.


You keep real time visibility across all of your car parks.

Get reporting tools

Multiple car parks

Give employees the access to multiple car parks.

They will automatically be able to select in which parking they want to enter.

Do away with badge management!


Digital remote

The app works as a digital remote to make parking access easier.

It's connected to a simple IoT device placed in the parking barriers.

Standardise you access management.


Smart reservation

Depending on their access rights, parking users can book or release their spot in a few clicks!

Make your parking users independent.


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Simple and free integration with your parking barrier

Simple and free integration with your parking barrier

A successful parking management software solution must be integrated with the parking access control systems. Otherwise, it is not possible to enforce an effective parking policy nor collect usage data to make good decisions.

What are the advantages of BePark's advanced access system?

  • Simple and free integration with your barrier
  • Digital access control via App (No badge)
  • Instant access and occupation data collection


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How to make it happen for you?

Managing your parking properly takes some preparation. Our parking expert(s) will walk you through the PLATFORM and give you the necessary advice for a successful implementation in your company.

In no time, you will:

- Enjoy absolute management flexibility and implement your own parking policy.

- Manage your multiple sites in one single tool and adopt one clear and global parking management policy.

- Keep track of all relevant metrics concerning the usage of your parking spots and make decisions about mobility in and around your buildings.


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What are you waiting for?

Parking management has become easier than ever!

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