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Achieve flexible, efficient access management for your unique parking needs with BePark’s advanced configurations and automated tools.

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Provide Flexible Access Workflows for All Users

Empower employees to book their own parking via BePark’s app or web platform. Ensure compliance and fairness with configurable rules that support your business use cases.

  • Manage and update policies with a single click

  • Maintain policy compliance across parking users

  • Customize access for your unique needs, including first-come-first-served availability, priority access rules, individual access quotas and more.


Manage Complex Parking Scenarios

Accommodate multiple parking needs simultaneously with user-specific access guidelines.

  • Automate the visitor parking experience from visitor spot allocation to parking entrance. 

  • Incentivize smart parking utilization with priority booking for carpoolers, bikers and more.

  • Manage shared fleets by allowing employees to book vehicles and get on-demand parking access.

  • Configure multiple parking zones (electric vehicles, bikes, disabled parking, etc.) and manage multiple locations from one streamlined platform.



Manage access for large user groups

Scale access management across your entire organization with tools that empower end-users and administrators alike.

  • Tag groups of employees into manageable groups

  • Leverage bulk action system to allocate access to people

  • View access trends such as no-shows and occupancy demand with advanced reporting


How do "Access Workflows" work?

The complexity of managing all the use cases of a parking lot calls for great flexibility in the way accesses are granted. That's what we call access workflows. Below are a few common examples.

Success Stories

See why businesses across multiple industries trust BePark to streamline access management and empower end users and administrators.

Orange manages complex parking access across 4 new parking lots

Following the consolidation of its regional offices to two sites in Lyon Part Dieu, Orange experienced the arrival of many employees in this already very dynamic area of the Lyon metropolis, which causes the fact that there are not enough parking spaces and it is hard to manage.

Marsh tripled parking access for its available spaces

Marsh was facing two main problems: A lack of parking spots for too many employees, and the number of employees was far above the number of parking spots available for the company. This led to employees losing time everyday while trying to find a parking spot.

Centre Hospitalier Jean Titeca maintains secure parking during the day, earns revenue at night

Jean Titeca's staff have different work schedules, which leads to a complex situation in parking management. Some employees were not able to access the parking even though there are available spaces inside.

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BePark Parking Solutions