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Deploying BePark's parking management solution at RTBF

3 television channels
6 radio channels
2000 employees

Who is RTBF?


The RTBF (Belgian Radio-Television of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) is an autonomous public enterprise of a cultural nature. It is active in television, radio, the web, and social networks. The head office is located in Brussels in the Reyers district.

The French-speaking radio and television sees its future as one of "carrying its values and public service media content widely in an increasingly digital society".

The context

RTBF has more than 2000 employees performing different functions. This diversity of profiles results in distinct needs in terms of the presence of employees on site. Some people may visit the workplace every day, while others only visit occasionally. Schedules may also vary from one employee to another: day/night, short duration/long duration.

Taking this into account, one can imagine how difficult it could be for RTBF to manage the parking spaces made available to staff.

The complexity is all the more present when the company has to manage several parking lots, which was the case for RTBF. The company had 2 parking lots, one internal and one external, representing 600 parking spaces reserved for employees. 

The company's main parking lot was on the verge of undergoing construction work, a project that would last several years and result in the loss of a large number of parking spaces that RTBF could not do without.



RTBF has decided to work on improving its parking situation in order to achieve its various ambitions and objectives in terms of parking and mobility.

The company aims to position parking as a shared resource 

It wishes to offer the possibility to the largest possible number of employees to benefit from this precious resource that is the parking lot. 

The company aims to integrate the needs of users 

Since each category of employees has different parking needs, the company wants to take each of these needs into account to provide the right parking access for each occupation. A journalist who picks up his equipment to leave for filming does not have the same parking access needs as a support function present on-site during office hours. 

The company aims to promote other mobility options than the car

It wants to encourage its employees to use more sustainable means of transportation such as bicycles or public transit. 

The company aims to adopt new technologies 

Being aware that the world is digitizing, it wanted to adopt new technologies to allow parking management and access to the parking lot in line with the times.


The solution

In order to manage the accessibility of the parking lots and the reservation system, the BePark software and access system have been installed in the various RTBF parking lots. 

Two additional parking lots were also made available to the company to make up for the loss of spaces in the main parking lot and to provide additional parking spaces.

The BePark solution: 

Allows RTBF to implement a dynamic parking policy 

  • Parking lots are now divided into different zones according to their use
  • The company is moving towards a generalization of the reservation system

Allows the company to adopt a collaborative approach

  • All stakeholders are included in the decision-making process (mobility manager, facility manager, human resources, unions, etc.). 
  • RTBF announced the arrival of the BePark solution by presenting it to its employees following a solid communication plan.

Adapts to the situation 

  • Possibility to manage several parking lots
  • Facilities compatible with multimodality, management of several modes of transport (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, shared cars)
  • Centralized management of the different accesses is possible. People with access to the parking lot will be able to access it thanks to plate recognition but also via an application or a code to be typed on a box.

Can be integrated 

  • Integration with the Office 365 system used by RTBF
  • The same user experience for all parking lots: one application, one access method across all 4 parking lots



The holistic approach combining the flexibility of technology and access management was essential. The results obtained following the implementation of the BePark solution enable RTBF to achieve its parking and mobility objectives.

  • 4 different parking lots are managed with the same solution, allowing the company to guarantee the same user experience for each member of staff.
  • The entire staff, i.e. 2000 employees, adapted to the installed solution thanks to a solid communication plan and improved access management.
  • The access management system implemented by BePark has made it possible to eliminate access to the parking lot by badge reading; now the parking lots are equipped with a standardized access system for all users.
  • RTBF is now able to collect parking data, which provides transparency and information on planned and actual parking usage, abusive behavior, etc.
  • RTBF is now in a position to see its mobility policy evolve
  • The implementation of the tool has enabled better management of the return to work after confinement because fewer people take public transport, favoring cars, or bicycles. 

We integrated into one tool all the needs of staff, external and lessees. For each user, parking management is easy, and the use of the phone improves the customer journey. The tool is flexible: there are enough parameters to adapt to an evolving parking policy and reporting enables analyzing real needs.

Frédéric PairouxMobility Manager, RTBF

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