Maintaining an optimal parking experience during an office transition

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The Company

Orange is one of the largest telecommunications groups in the world with more than 250 million customers and 95,000 employees in France and abroad. It is the twelfth mobile network operator in the world and the fourth in Europe.

The head office of the company is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and they have offices throughout France and especially in Lyon.

Client: Orange

Project type: Spaces and Platform


The parking challenge Orange was facing

Following the consolidation of its regional offices on two sites in Lyon Part Dieu, Orange witnessed the arrival of many employees in this already very dynamic area of the Lyon metropolis. This caused a double challenge for Orange.

    • There were not enough parking spaces for their employees to park

Orange needed parking spots for all the employees arriving in the Lyon new offices. Therefore finding enough spots before employees arrived becomes essential for a good mobility experience within the company.

    • It was complicated to assign different parking access

Whether it was managing access for the mobility team or booking and releasing their spot easily for the employees, Orange needed to seriously improve the way they manage their parking.

I have the same challenges

Orange's parking challenges
BePark helps Orange with its services Platform and Spaces

Parking spaces and a platform to resolve those challenges

It is through the owner of the building, with whom BePark collaborates on other subjects, that Orange has contacted the company to expose these two issues.

  • BePark quickly found 4 car parks located less than 500 meters away from Orange new offices. BePark and Orange organised a provision of the 4 car parks in three waves corresponding to the arrival of the employees on site.
  • With BePark's parking management software, Orange is able to manage the parking and the access online. It allows employees to manage their parking spot and their access in the parking directly through an application.

Find my solution

The car park BePark provided to Orange

How is the parking experience now?

BePark has succeeded to answer the two parking issues Orange was facing.

Orange has now the possibility to offer its employees a perfect parking solution located a stone's throw away from their office.

It also made the mobility team's life much easier. Thanks to the parking management software the parking admin can grant different type of access very easily.

Now, Orange can manage:

  • 110 spots
    on 4 different car parks available in 3 waves.
  • 2 car parks
    are managed via BePark Platform for an optimal parking usage.

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