Customer story


Transforming a traditional parking lot into a smart infrastructure for an advisory & management company

75000 employees
€12bn turnover

Who is Merco?


Merco is a consulting company that assists private investors in the development and management of their European real estate assets.

Over the years, Merco has gained an enviable reputation for its ability to find innovative ways to generate value and to develop a professional profile as a quality investor.

We believe that real estate investments are increasingly international, but that solutions remain local.

The Challenges

Merco Real Estate faced three main challenges regarding mobility:

  • Revitalize an existing office real estate asset and purchase a building nearby in order to offer services to tenants and a mix in the neighborhood
  • Meet the needs of the mixed functions of two buildings in terms of mobility, with an economic return on parking spaces
  • Optimize the occupancy rate of the car park, thus facilitating access for all types of customers.


The solutions

Set up a mobility HUB

It was necessary to adapt the way in which the parking lot was managed because it was no longer going to be used as an office but for all the following functions: hotel, student residence, restaurants, shops...

Therefore, we set up a real multimodal mobility HUB (car/bike/motorbike) with shared parking spaces.

To do this, we had to remove the nominative spaces in order to be able to benefit from the full capacity of the parking lot during the day, in the evening and on weekends. Special work was carried out on the internal and external signage to improve traffic flow.

An access control specific to each need was set up to offer visitors the new functions (office, hotel,...), to allow them to access and pay for the parking lot. An online reservation system and the pooling of subscriptions have also been set up.

Using BePark's parking management software

In response to the changing office environment, we have installed our parking management software to optimize the use of office staff parking spaces.

This software allows managers to parameterize access rights but also offers the ability to release and reserve the spaces with a dedicated online tool.


The results

After implementing the BePark system, Merco was able to get amazing results showing how much their spaces are optimized.

  • We are moving from a mono-functional office building to a mixed neighborhood with different services offered to users
  • Simplification of flows has been achieved with dedicated systems per user and implementation of a public area
  • The occupancy rate of the office spaces has increased by 25% and simplified access with the help of plate reading and mobile app
  • Increased profitability through location pooling and improved asset value

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BePark Parking Solutions