Customer story


Improving employees’ parking experience while working towards a sustainable environment at an insurance company

75000 employees
€12bn revenue
Insurance & banking

Who is Marsh?

Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. In more than 130 countries, this company helps clients to anticipate, quantify, and fully understand the range of risks they face.

While working with clients to manage risk, the company is fully aware of the necessity to work towards a better environment to give a sustainable future to the next generation. 

The challenge

Regarding mobility questions, Marsh was facing two main problems.

A lack of parking spots for too many employees

  • A lot of employees parked in the street and had to change their parking disk every two hours
  • Time lost by employees looking for a place to park every morning
  • Employees were worried about the safety of their vehicle at work

An efficiency problem in parking management

  • Hard to know the real capacity of their corporate parking, badges were distributed to too many employees, but they were still a lot of unused parking spots every day while employees were parking on the street
  • Using badges for employees to access the parking was high-cost and time-consuming, for example, distributing badges, losing badges, taking back and re-assigning badges... all required an investment of time and money


The solution

Parking rental

In 2015, Marsh contacted BePark because the HR team was facing a parking issue.

BePark discussed the situation with Marsh's fleet manager to understand the problem and find the best solution possible. A parking lot five minutes away from their offices was quickly found.

It was hard to know how many parking spots were needed because the parking was not well optimized yet. 

Marsh started to rent 120 parking spots with BePark. Marsh's parking admin and BePark worked to reduce this number using BePark Parking Management Software. 

After using the software and being advised by BePark, the company was able to reduce the number of parking spots rented to 40 spots by optimizing their corporate parking as much as possible.

How to find enough parking spots for everyone to park?

BePark Parking experts worked with the company to determine their parking needs and quickly found an available parking lot near their offices, satisfying the fleet manager's requirements.

How to improve employee satisfaction?

Marsh's employees can now see if they have a parking spot that day, release their spot if they don't use it, and access the parking simply via their mobile phone.

How to ensure spots are accessible anytime?

Thanks to the BePark system installed in every parking lot, it's accessible 24/7 for their employees in need of a place to park. Marsh also has the continuous expertise of BePark.


Using platform

Marsh's fleet manager decided to optimize their parking assets with the software.

Using BePark Parking Management Software allows Marsh to manage their parking access online for 4 different sites at the same time and make sure all parking spots are optimally used.

Parking access control becomes extremely easy to manage. No more badge problems, but a safer parking lot. Employees can plan in advance how they're going to come to the office because they know if they have access to a parking spot that day.

Thanks to the possibility of booking and releasing unused parking spots in the corporate parking lot, Marsh can encourage employees to come by other means of transport (public transport, scooter...) while maintaining an optimal fill rate. Marsh is also creating a bike leasing service for their employees to come to the office without their cars.

How to ensure every parking spot is optimally used?

Employees can book or release a spot by themselves. They book a parking spot only when they are actually in need.

How to handle the parking access for a large number of employees?

Marsh is able to manage all the parking access online and grant different types of access or priorities according to different people (employees, visitors, clients...).

How to analyze and make the best decisions for parking?

With the reporting tools, the fleet team can analyze and make the best decisions. They know exactly how many parking spots they really need and can employ them in the best possible way.


The results

After renting spots from BePark and implementing our system, Marsh achieved astonishing results as their parking efficiency improved drastically.

In addition, to provide better visibility into parking operation for the fleet manager at Marsh, the following results have also been achieved.

Key figures

Marsh quickly achieved

0 % overheads reduction
0 % occupancy rate during weekdays
0 x more people with access to the same amount of spots

Today, parking resources are too rare not to be managed properly. With BePark, we can encourage our employees to come to the office by alternative means of transport while maintaining an optimal fill rate.

Kris Lefebure Facilities manager & OHS advisor, Marsh

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