Improving employee's parking experience while working towards a sustainable environment

Improving employee's parking experience while working towards a sustainable environment.

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Who's Marsh ?

Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. The company helps people in more than 130 countries to better anticipate and manage risk.

While providing their clients with qualified services, Marsh is also working towards a sustainable environment with an important CSR policy.


Client: Marsh, a global leader in insurance 

Project type: Spaces and Platform


The challenges faced by Marsh

Regarding mobility within their company, Marsh was facing two main problems:

  • A lack of parking spots for too many employees

The number of employees was far above the number of parking spots available for the company. This led to the fact that a lot of employees lose time everyday trying to find a spot in the company parking without success. The result? Plenty of employees had to park in the street and change their parking disk every two hours.

  • An efficiency problem in parking management

The facility manager of Marsh couldn't have a vision of what was really happening on the parking. It was obviously hard for him to know how many badges he had to distribute in order for employees to have parking access. Thus many parking spots remained unutilised everyday while a lot of employees had to park on the streets.

I have the same challenges

The parking challenges faced by Marsh
Parking solutions offered by BePark

How did they solve those issues?

    • Parking Rental

Marsh contacted BePark to help them find parking spots to rent in the direct proximity of their offices. Thanks to BePark, they could use an additional 120 spots, 5 minutes away from their office. Every employee was directly assured to have a space to park.

    • Using the Software

Marsh's facility manager wanted to optimise the company parking with the help of BePark. With BePark parking management software, the company can now properly manage the parking to make sure every parking spot is efficiently used everyday.

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Parking result of Marsh

The results

What does Marsh Facility Manager say about it?

"Today, parking resources are too rare not to be managed properly. With BePark, we can encourage our employees to come to the office by alternative means of transport while maintaining an optimal fill rate."



 Kris Lefebure, facilities manager & OHS advisor at Marsh


Some of our results:

  • +90%
    Occupancy rate reached more than 90% during week hours. 
  • +300%
    The number of access tripled on the same number of spots.


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