Generating administrative relief and extra income on the car parks of social housing companies.

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Who is Comensia?

Comensia is a public real estate company that manages approximately 3,200 social housing units of a heterogeneous nature: from studios to houses with 8 rooms, spread over 15 municipalities.

The houses are located in buildings built in a complex but also in buildings integrated with the urban canvas or in houses located in listed garden areas.



Customer: Comensia, social housing company

Project type: Value


What are the challenges of Comensia?

As a social housing company, it is important for Comensia to offer more than just social housing. An important point concerns many potential tenants: parking. Offering parking spaces is not the challenge, the enormous administrative work involved is the real bottleneck. Managing car parks is not one of the company's core activities.

In addition, social housing companies often have a surplus of parking space. This leads to less income for the company.

Comensia has chosen to call on Bepark to take on the following challenges:

  • Reducing the administrative (invoicing, defaulters, access control, etc.) workload involved in managing the car parks.
  • Setting up customer service for the tenants
  • Generating more income from underused and vacant parking spaces.

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Comensia's parking BePark provided
The solution BePark provided

BePark’s solution:

In order to use the vacant spaces on the 10 Comensia car parks, BePark will first propose the parking subscriptions to the tenants of the houses, at a favorable rate. The other vacant parking spaces will then be commercialised to local residents or people who work in the neighbourhood and are looking to park during the day. These people can register in a few minutes via our website.

Thanks to years of experience, BePark has developed an efficient system in which they completely relieve their partners of all administrative and commercial tasks. BePark does not only take care of the external tenants but also the tenants of the houses.

In the case of Comensia, BePark helped the company from start to finish. Everything starts with the commercialisation of the places and the creation of subscriptions. BePark then arranges the invoicing and intervenes in the case of defaulters. This way, Comensia can fully focus on their core business.

To keep tenants happy, BePark also sets up a customer service department to which tenants can call for quick help in the event of technical issues or problems with the infrastructure. In order to keep the car park clean, BePark also takes responsibility for placing and maintaining waste bins.

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The results from the collaboration between BePark and Comensia

The results:

Since the start of the cooperation in August 2018, BePark has significantly increased the occupancy rate of the car park by renting out parking spaces to external tenants. The housing company has also been able to devote a great deal of time to concentrate on its core business.

  • 10
    parking garages are managed
  • 215
    Parking spaces in total
  • + 6.890€
    average income per month
    (6 last months)
  • 74,5%
    occupancy rate

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