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Generating administrative relief and extra income on the parking of social housing companies

870 employees
€17.4M turnover

Who is Comensia?


Comensia is a public real estate company that manages more than 3.200 social housing units of a heterogeneous nature as well as 700 parking spaces, spread over 15 municipalities in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Comensia makes every effort to rent its housing at social conditions adapted to its target public. 

One of its main missions is to develop and diversify its portfolio. The development of the parking spaces available to the company is part of this aspect.

The challenges

As a social housing company, it is important for Comensia to offer more than just social housing. An important issue for many potential tenants is parking.

Offering parking spaces is not the challenge; the challenge is the enormous administrative work involved. Parking management is not one of the company's core activities.

In addition, social housing companies often have a surplus of parking spaces. This results in a decrease in the company's income.

Comensia chose to call on BePark to address the following challenges:

  • Reduce the administrative burden (invoicing, failures, access control, etc.) related to parking management
  • Set up a customer service for tenants
  • Generate more revenue from underutilized and vacant parking spaces


The solution

BePark now operates 10 Comensia parking lots in order to make the underutilized spaces profitable. This was made possible thanks to BePark access technology.

In order to fill these empty spaces, BePark will, in the first instance, offer parking subscriptions at a favorable price to Comensia tenants. The remaining spaces will then be marketed to local residents and people working in the area who are looking for parking.

The solution completely relieves Comensia of all administrative and commercial tasks related to the management of its parking lots. Indeed, BePark will take care of external tenants but also Comensia's tenants.

BePark will take care of:

  • The marketing of parking spaces
  • The creation of user subscriptions
  • Invoicing
  • Interventions in the event of failures
  • The access to 24-hour customer service for all parking lot tenants


The results

Since the start of the cooperation in August 2018, the occupancy rate of the parking lots has considerably increased thanks to the renting of the parking spaces. 

The real estate company is now able to devote more time to its core business thanks to the time freed up on managing its parking lot.

You will find the key figures of this collaboration below: 

Key figures


0 % occupancy rate on the parking lots
0 parking spaces spread over the 10 operated parking lots
0 average income per month
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