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Who is Cofinimmo?


Founded in 1983, Cofinimmo is today the largest listed property company in Belgium and a member of the BEL 20. The company benefits from the RREC (Regulated Real Estate Companies) regime in Belgium.

Cofinimmo owns and manages nearly 2 million square meters of property, spread over Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Germany. The company seeks to offer a high dividend yield and capital protection over the long term.

The challenges

As the largest listed property company in Belgium, Cofinimmo manages an enormous amount of square meters.

For years in a row, the company has trusted BePark to help it achieve the following goals on the several parking lots entrusted to BePark's care:

  • Getting more revenue from the parking lots
  • Increasing the occupancy rate of the parking lots
  • Avoiding potential costs caused by underused parking spaces


The solution

Value: increased parking revenue

To help Cofinimmo achieve these goals, BePark installed its access technology on the parking lots and started managing and commercializing the parking spaces on several channels:

  • The website:
  • Other marketing channels, such as real estate websites, google ads, flyers, etc.
  • BePark's network

The evolution of these parking lots was followed closely by BePark's sales and operation teams. Quite quickly, a positive result was demonstrated.

The results

The initial goals have been exceeded in many ways, and the commercial partnership has been ongoing for years.

What better proof of a successful collaboration than a long-lasting and growing partnership? Today, BePark aims to take even more assets under management and keep helping Cofinimmo with all aspects of its parking management challenges.

Here are the results of the last three years: 


Key figures

0 % average occupancy rate
0 net revenue generated
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