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Centre Hospitalier Jean Titeca

Optimizing the usage of the hospital's parking while increasing the satisfaction of its staff


Who is Jean Titeca?


The Centre Hospitalier JEAN TITECA, or CHJT, is a psychiatric hospital of the city of Brussels located at rue de la Luzerne 11 in Schaerbeek.

The center has more than 480 nursing and administrative staff members.

The vision of the Jean Titeca Hospital Center: "To be a reference hospital in the care of psychiatric patients, specialized in forensic psychiatry, innovative and attentive to its employees".

The Challenges

During the construction of the new hospital center that will be available in 2021, several parking management changes need to be completed.

The parking is not fully optimized.

In need of more parking spots for staff

Jean Titeca's staff have different work schedules, which leads to a complex situation in parking management. Some employees were not able to access parking even though there were available spaces.

Some parking spots remain empty at night and on weekends

Less parking is needed at night and on the weekend in the hospital center; thus, some spots remain empty during those times.


The solutions

Platform: Parking management optimization

Since Jean Titeca's staff have different work schedules, the fleet manager can now use BePark's Platform to directly assign parking spots online based on the real-time reporting of the parking usage and the staff's parking needs.

The staff also has the ability to book or release a parking spot based on their work schedule. The occupancy rate of the parking is thus increased and maximal usage of the parking is ensured.

Spaces: Parking rental

After ensuring the maximal occupancy rate of Jean Titeca’s parking lot thanks to BePark’s platform, the hospital center was still in need of additional parking spaces.

To make sure each of Jean Titeca’s staff has a spot to park during the construction of the new center, BePark quickly opened a private parking garage on Chaussée de Louvain 550.

Forty-five indoor and secure parking spaces have been provided, and they are only 350 meters away from the hospital center.

Now, all the staff enjoys a good parking experience, and they no longer need to drive around every morning to park their vehicle.

Value: Augmentation of parking revenue

Since the hospital center needs less staff at night and during the weekend, 16 parking spots are underused during this time.

Thanks to BePark, the parking spots have been rented out to people who are in need of a parking spot. The parking experience of the neighborhood is thus improved.

The hospital center also has generated a revenue stream by renting out those underused parking spots, which can be used to cover the existing parking costs.


The result

The three parking challenges that were faced by the Jean Titeca Hospital Center have been solved perfectly.

The staff of the hospital center no longer have to worry about finding a parking space every day. As the parking is fully optimized, the parking costs have also been reduced.

The time spent for staff to find a space and for fleet managers to manage parking have both been reduced.

Fleet Manager's visibility into parking has been drastically improved.

The key figures of this collaboration:

Key figures

Jean Titeca

0 revenue generated on the 16 parking spots
0 % of access to the parking is digitized

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