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Bouygues Immobilier

Improving mobility and maximizing revenue by optimizing parking operations for real estate developers

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Who is Bouygues Immobilier?

Founded in 1956, Bouygues Immobilier, a subsidiary of the Bouygues group, is one of the leading real estate developers in France. Bouygues Immobilier develops a wide range of projects, from housing, shops, and offices to sustainable districts.

As an operator committed to sustainable development and innovation, Bouygues' objective is to respond perfectly to its customers' expectations by making the city mixed, scalable, economical, and intelligent.

The challenges

In 2017 Bouygues Immobilier was named winner of a consultation launched by the city of La Madeleine, in the Lille region. 

This project, which includes 135 housing units, 18,000 sq.m of office space and around 1,000 sq.m of business / services / shops, has raised parking issues such as:

  • Making underutilized parking lots profitable
  • Lack of parking spaces for office users
  • Inefficient parking management
  • Need for additional parking spaces nearby for visitors


The solution

The three BePark services have been implemented in this case.

VALUE: Recurring income for owners through the valuation of spaces

The aim is to make this parking lot available to the building's offices that are likely to face a shortage of spaces.

SPACES: Additional parking spaces thanks to BePark's parking network

To help office employees and visitors find parking spaces that allowed them to access offices or accommodations, BePark was able to quickly find parking spaces nearby.

PLATFORM: Optimal parking management thanks to its technology

To optimize the management of its parking lots and manage access according to specific rules, BePark has provided its PLATFORM online service, which allows Bouygues Immobilier to maximize the mutualization between users.

Key figures

The results

0 parking spaces to mutualize
0 % of the shared parking places managed with BePark's platform

The parking challenges are complex and important. With BePark we have been able to establish an effective and reactive collaboration that offers an innovative solution, both for developers and communities concerning parking issues.

Carine RajDirector of Major Urban Projects North West Region, Bouygues Immobilier

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