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Improving tenants satisfaction while standardizing the way of a real estate operator manages its parking lots

100+ Buildings
€2.8bn turnover
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Who is Befimmo?


Befimmo is a Regulated Real-estate Investment Trust listed on Euronext Brussels. The real estate operator is specialized in office buildings, meeting centers, and coworking spaces. 

Befimmo's buildings are sustainable in terms of architecture, location, and environmental friendliness. The company is visionary, anticipating for its buildings that will last over time. In addition to the surface area, the operator offers its occupants services allowing them to develop the future world of work.

The context

The world around us is changing at high speed while becoming digital. What are the consequences of this for a real estate operator like Befimmo? They are reflected in the needs of the tenants, which are also evolving. They now want to benefit from more flexibility and a greater number of services than before. 

Parking is one of the many services offered by Befimmo. And it is the meeting point between the building and the mobility of the people who work there, two sectors that are also changing. Despite these changes, parking lots are still too often managed in a traditional way. In order to meet the challenges of parking management, it is important to adapt it to the world around it.



As a real estate operator, Befimmo does not only want to provide office space to its customers but above all wants to be a partner of its customers. This is why their buildings become places of experience, meeting, and exchange, what they call "Befimmo Environments".

In order to bring this experience to Befimmo, the operator provides each of its tenants and users with a network of buildings where they can use various services: coworking spaces, meeting rooms, cafeterias, parking lots...

By acting on the management of all its parking lots, Befimmo will be able to offer a user experience worthy of its vision. This allows:

  • Bringing added value to tenants while allowing them to reduce the operational management of their building
  • Communicating services and goods between tenants so that they are part of the Befimmo community

With this in mind, the challenge for Befimmo is to continue to enforce parking leases while allowing tenants to adopt the rules of use of their spaces to their own needs, but also to be able to consume additional services within the parking lots (electrical terminals, bicycles, etc.).


How did we translate Befimmo's vision into operational reality?

Being aware of the added value that generalized parking management within its different buildings would bring, Befimmo solicited the market on this subject in 2018. The operator was looking for a player who could help them turn their vision into an operational reality at the parking lot level. 

Following this request, BePark, whose vision is very similar to Befimmo's, took over the project in order to translate the operator's ambition into a concrete solution.  

To do so, the BePark solution (Access system + management software) was implemented for each of the tenants of the Triomphe building.

The implemented solutions are the result of discussions and the respective knowledge and ambitions of Befimmo and BePark. They make parking management simpler and provide an additional service to the tenants.

The tools installed will also help to deal with the problem of compliance with leases. Tenants get the flexibility to use their spaces as they see fit while being sure not to have their space squatted by other tenants. 

BePark's mission is not only to install and implement its solution but also to support its clients. To this end, both Befimmo and the tenants were each briefed on the functioning of the installed access technology and software. An adaptation phase was set up so that each person with access to the parking lot could get used to and understand this new technology.

What added values for the tenants?

  • Possibility of subletting parking spaces
  • Saving time thanks to simpler parking management
  • Enhanced parking experience



The real estate operator always seeks to anticipate the needs of its customers in its buildings that will last over time. For this reason, Befimmo plans to implement the BePark solution in a progressive way within its different buildings in order to standardize the way it manages its parking lots. Today the Triomphe building is the first of a long line of buildings benefiting from this solution. The lease is now respected by each tenant who also benefits from a reduction of the parking management burden. 

Key figures

One building managed represents

0 parking spaces managed
0 B2B tenants manage their parking spaces independently

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