Management and valuation of vacant parking spaces

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Who is Alliade?

The leading housing operator in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with a portfolio of 42,700 housing units, Alliade Habitat, a subsidiary of Action Logement, is a social landlord whose objective is to guarantee an optimal quality of life for employees of companies and modest families.

As part of a strong CSR policy, Alliade aims to commit to several objectives such as ensuring their economic performance, promoting the social balance of the territories or acting to preserve the environment.

The achievement of these objectives obviously requires efficient and intelligent management of their parking resources.

Client: Alliade, housing operator subsidiary of Action Logement

Project type: Value


Challenges and objectives for Alliade and BePark

As a housing operator, Alliade faces many issues related to parking and parking resources.

They therefore chose to collaborate with BePark to operate:

  • 8 secure car parks in urban areas
  • 175 under-utilised parking spaces

Alliade has many objectives for this collaboration. First of all, their main objective is to maximize the income generated by car parks to ensure optimal economic performance.

The second objective is to provide underutilised spaces for the inhabitants of the area. This makes it possible to work towards a social balance of the territories.

The final objective of this collaboration was environmental. Providing local residents with these under-utilised car parks reduces congestion in areas where traffic is often heavy.

Challenges and objectives for Alliade and BePark
The solution of BePark

The solution to solve them

  • Usage of VALUE

As a beneficiary of 175 unused spaces, Alliade was looking for a way to generate additional revenue from existing but underused parking resources while making them available to the community.

Alliade therefore called on BePark to make its parking spaces in France profitable.

By implementing its operational efficiency and technology, BePark was able to quickly commercialise 8 different car parks for a total of 175 spaces.

BePark therefore had the challenge of managing and promoting 175 parking spaces in 8 different car parks. The company therefore began by installing its technology in the 8 car parks in question. After that, it was possible to commercialise the car parks by putting them on the BePark website and launching various marketing actions to fill them. Parking management and support was then managed 24/7 by the BePark support team and technicians.

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The results:

How has this project gone so far:

Having started in February 2017, this collaboration between Alliade and BePark is a success. Maximising the revenue of 8 different car parks was a major challenge that could be achieved thanks to Alliade's trust and BePark's operational efficiency.

Some key results of this collaboration include:
  • 80.000€
    generated from 175 places
  • 80%
    occupancy rate on 8 parkings

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