Property Manager

Holistic Parking Oversight for Your Properties

Enhance parking management, eliminate tenant parking concerns and ensure lease compliance with flexible tenant parking policies and comprehensive user data.

Clarity and control

Whether you want to mitigate tenant parking complaints, enforce tenant quotas in multi-tenant buildings, eliminate tedious parking badge management or get a better sense of who is using your parking and when, BePark can help.

Expand parking resources

Automate parking operations

BePark empowers property managers with automated tenant management tools and advanced insights that improve compliance and tenant satisfaction.

450 Parking spaces managed
9 Corporate tenants
3 Specific zones (bike, EV, Visitor)
Customer Story

Befimmo brings value and clarity to multi-tenant buildings

In addition to providing office space, Befimmo's vision is to become a partner for its tenants. This is why their buildings are increasingly becoming places of unique experience. Digitalizing parking is one of the great ways Befimmo has identified to build a real community of tenants across its portfolio. 


See how BePark can save you time and money

With streamlined management and improved operational clarity, BePark is the smartest parking solution for property management. BePark will even handle the implementation with your tenants, providing the fastest time to value for your buildings. Connect with us to see how we can help you today.