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Alleviate employees’ parking concerns and create smart, flexible policies with BePark.

Smart, scalable parking solutions for HR Managers

BePark empowers HR professionals with the clarity and control they need to improve employee parking programs and boost parking satisfaction through flexible policies and fair distribution of resources.

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A customizable solution that works for your employees’ unique needs

BePark works with your existing HR ecosystem to enable agile parking policies and management for today’s flexible working environments. Scale parking availability, support and incentivize flexible commuting options and tie new initiatives to employee sentiment from one centralized platform.

110 Parking spaces managed
3 Different schedules
2 Parking lots optimized
Customer Story

Orange boosted employee parking availability and satisfaction

Following the consolidation of its regional offices to two sites in Lyon Part Dieu, Orange experienced the arrival of many employees in this already very dynamic area of the Lyon metropolis. This caused a double challenge for Orange.


See how BePark can enable people-first parking

With streamlined management and flexibility for the future, BePark is the smartest parking solution for today’s HR professionals. Connect with us to see how we can help you today.

BePark Parking Solutions
BePark Parking Solutions