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Who are we?


The world of parking is evolving, cities are changing, so is the way of moving. Today, most cities are confronted with problems like road congestion and unavailability of on-street parking. However, there are thousands of places outside the road that remain unoccupied most of the time.

BePark's mission is to manage and/or commercialise these parking spaces to make them accessible to users who need them.

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BePark's ambition

Who's behind BePark?

BePark has around 25 happy employees with multiple and complementary knowledge. Together, we are working towards one goal: making BePark the best parking solution for our customers and owners.

We live by our 5 strategic values:

  • Quality service
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Conviviality
BePark's CEO Julien Vandeleene
"At BePark, we strive to create a great company culture. Above all, there is trust. We lift each other to a higher level with every new day so that we can achieve our common goal together."

Julien Vandeleene, CEO of BePark

COO of BePark Dorian de Broqueville
"We trust people very quickly. For people wanting to join the adventure, there is a huge territory to have fun, take responsibilities and propose innovative ideas."

Dorian De Broqueville, COO of BePark

Looking for a professional challenge?

BePark is always looking for potential colleagues who can help us get our clients to the next level!

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The Team

Our team is here to give you impeccable service that you deserve. Get to know us!

Dorian de Broqueville

Chief Operating Officer

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Julien Vandeleene

Chief Executive Officer

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Maxime Rubens

Chief Finance Officer

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Felix De Winter, Business Developer

Being responsible for the expansion of BePark’s Flemish service network, my role as a business developer comprises multiple aspects of the corporate structure. Meeting as many potential clients as possible on a weekly basis, adapting our value proposition across the various sectors in a qualitative manner and guiding prospects towards an efficient collaboration, are some of the main elements of my day-to-day activities. The client’s satisfaction is key, as is the contribution towards the digitalisation of European communities.

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Thomas Le Grelle, Account Manager

I joined BePark a year ago, right after graduation. I enjoy the many aspects of my job as Account Manager. First of all, I like the project management side of the job: managing parking installations, coordinating field operators and fixing operational problems when needed is both challenging and rewarding. Acting as the main contact point for our parking partners I am also able to build qualitative relationship with our clients whether it's to provide them with expertise, support or new solutions.

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Geoffrey Marcelin, Business Developer

Member of the French team based in Paris, my role is closest to the true entrepreneur! As a Business Developer, my role is to make whatever is possible to improve the company's visibility and product offering on my territory. This means handling the business development of several cities in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille) and make sure that we operate new parking lots every month and we generate as much revenue for the owners as possible while providing a parking solution to clients.

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Moktar Sadani, Account Manager

Arrived at BePark one year ago, my role as an Account Manager is very diversified. Relations with B2B clients constitute my main task: making sure our services are well designed for them, as well as helping them to better use our technologies. Before, I was responsible from Belgium and France. As the company grew, my focus is now on Wallonia and Brussels, two areas I work on with the Sales Team. I would summarise BePark as a dynamic and cool team that has the best of working environments.

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